Southern Renewables, LLC

Southern Renewables, LLC was formed in 2018 as a group of experienced professionals, with over 50 years experience, in the fats and oils industry.  We are a woman owned small business and registered with S.A.M.  We employee a diverse group of individuals and are proud to employee military veterans.  Our clientele consists of over 75 companies coast to coast in the fats & oils, bio fuels, chemicals, restaurant recycling, food manufacturing recycling, and animal feed industries.  We strive to give our clients insight, knowledge, and consistancy in taking care of their needs by providing market knowledge, logistics, and ease of contract negotiations.  We are proud members of AFOA, SBA, & S.A.M.  We look forward to meeting our current and future clients every year at the Jacobson & the American Fats and Oils Association Conferences.