Welcome to Southern Renewables, LLC

Working For Our Customers across the Globe


Your Product, Our Outlet

With a large customer base, we provide an outlet for your specific products.  Our main buyers are in the United States, which helps with logistics, but we can reach all over the globe to meet your companies needs.  We can also handle all of your logistics to make your day to day operations even easier.


Products We Handle

We handle all types of feed stocks for the Bio-Fuel, Chemical, and Feed Industry.  These feed stocks are: Used Cooking Oil, Yellow Grease, Vegetable Oil's (Soy, Canola, and Palm), Brown Grease, Tallow's (Technical, Packer, and BFT), Choice White Grease, Poultry Fat, Chicken Fat, Distillers Corn Oil, Distillates, Free Fatty Acids, and Glycerin.    



We take pride in being able to move your products on a consistent basis, and at the same time, be able to provide you with the best market prices that will increase your profits.  We can handle monthly, weekly, and spot load contracts and are flexible to work with your company based on your specific needs.