Southern Renewables, LLC


Procurement and Sales


We work with you to find the top price for your product(s).  We purchase all specs based on current market trends and utilize the Jacobson as a guideline.  We can also set pricing based on spot, weekly, or monthly contracts.   

We purchase these fats and oils:

  • Used Cooking Oil (UCO) 
  • Yellow Grease (Yellow) 
  • Vegetable Oils (VO)  - Soy Oil, Canola Oil, and Palm Oil
  • Brown Grease (BG)
  • Tallow (T) - Technical (TechT), Packer (PT), Bleachable Fancy Tallow (BFT)
  • Choice White Grease (CWG)
  • Poultry Fat (PF)
  • Chicken Fat (CF)
  • Distillers Corn Oil (DCO)
  • Distillate (D) - From all different types of fats and oils.
  • Free Fatty Acids (FFA)
  • Glycerin (G)


We work hard for you to get you top price for your products.  We sell based on current market trends and utilize the Jacobson for guidance. We can set sales prices based on each custom personalized contract, either for spot, weekly or monthly deals. 

  • UCO - Specs 15 FFA and 2 MIU
  • Yellow - Spec 15 FFA and 2 MIU
  • VO - Specs 4 FFA and 2 MIU
  • BG - Specs FFA and MIU varies
  • Tallow - TechT - Specs .75 FFA and .5 MIU, PT - Specs 2 FFA 1 MIU, BFT - Specs 4 FFA 1 MIU;                                            for feed under .15 impurities
  • CWG - Specs 5 FFA 2 MIU
  • PF - Specs 4 FFA 1 MIU
  • CF - Specs 10 FFA 2 MIU
  • DCO - Specs 15 FFA 1 MIU, for feed under .15 impurities
  • D - Specs FFA and MIU vary
  • FFA - Specs FFA and MIU vary
  • G - 80% Crude, 97% Glycerin, 98% Glycerin, 99,7% Glycerin


We assume all liability so you don't take the risk by:

  • Taking possession of the products we buy and sale
  • Track all documentation from the pickup point to the delivery point
  • Prepay when necessary to give you peace of mind and limit your risk


Trucking: We ship the majority of all of our loads by truck.  We have a large carrier base so we can reach out across the United States to better service your account and make your job easier.

Rail: We work with our buyers and/or sellers whenever possible to ship by rail to reduce the cost of freight for your company so you can increase your profits.

ISO/Flexi: We provide options for easier transportation of your products across the globe.  

Risk Management

Peace of Mind

We monitor the market closely about upcoming trends to better serve you and to ensure you get the right price for your products based on current and future trends.

We guide our clients on when to buy or sell spot loads, initiate weekly or monthly contracts, based on current market trends, to ensure they will get the right price for their product(s).